Sunday, 17 August 2008

Sweet Enough

(Originally posted by Bekki)

I’ve been playing around with muffin recipes for ages. I had some success with a recipe for ‘healthy breakfast muffins’ I found in the Guardian (sorry, can’t find a link, I thought I’d documented it here somewhere, but can’t find it) which uses wholewheat flour and yoghurt, which I made even Beachier by substituting agave nectar for the brown sugar. Trouble is, agave nectar is unpredictable stuff. It’s very easy to burn, and too much of it tastes bitter. The first bottle or two I had worked well, but the most recent one seemed to make everything taste bitter. At least, that was my conclusion, having had several cakes and muffin batches turn out disgusting and the common factor being agave. So I’ve been looking for something else. I’ve tried Splenda, but didn’t like the soapy aftertaste.

I decided that what I liked about muffins was the texture, more than the sweetness (being on the Beach has really changed my palate, I used to have a very sweet tooth), so thought I’d try making some muffins with no sugar, but with plenty of banana for a yummy taste and some sweetness. So I used Blest’s famous oat muffin recipe, left out the sugar and added 2 fairly ripe mashed up bananas. The result is good, they rose well, didn’t burn, have a lovely muffiny texture and taste banana-y. They wouldn’t be to the taste of a sugar fiend, but they’re sweet enough for me. I’ll definitely make them again. I think the riper the bananas, the better they’ll taste.

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