Sunday, 17 August 2008

Debs' typical brew

I’m pretty boring in what I drink, but here’s the recipe and instructions for my favourite.

1. Take a glass, preferably a big one that holds a(n English) pint (that’s 20 fluid oz)

2. Turn on the cold tap and stick your finger under the stream of water, once the water feels cold enough put the glass under the flow until it’s full.

3. Turn off the tap.

4. Drink and enjoy.

Seriously though, all I do drink is water. Since I came back from blest’s I haven’t even gotten back into drinking apple squash (dilute apple drink made with a small amount of squash and water). If I do drink squash or juice (like I did on Sunday when I was with the kids group because I was really thirsty, and that was all they had) it gives me a headache. I guess because in a way it’s just liquid sugar, and it affects me straight away. I might occasionally have a hot chocolate (but that would also give me a headache) or when I went to Starbucks with blest I might get a Steamer.

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