Sunday, 17 August 2008

My Current Addition

I love love love aubergine at the moment. Some of you may know it as eggplant, but anyway, it’s sooo simple to prepare, and really yummy. There are all sorts of ways to cook it, but my favourite at the moment is to cook in on the griddle pan.

I slice it into medium thinkness slices or chucks (maybe 1/4 inch think. I’m hopeless at knowing things like that, I just do it so it looks righ!). Then either brush/spray the aubergine with olive oil, or put a thin coating on the pan. Get the pan nice and hot, and then shove on the aubergine (I hope you like my technical terms!)

Salt and pepper liberally, and turn over every few minutes. Spray with a bit more oil if it gets too dry. Once it’s beginning to get soft, add a drizzle of balsamic vinegar over the top, and try to get all the bits of aubergine coated in it. Cook just a little longer, and then serve. Goes with lots of differnet things. I had it with beefburger and salad last night.

I think the thing I like about it is the salt&vinegar taste, it satisfies a craving for chips (fries to y’all) without actually needing to comsume all that fat :grin:

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