Sunday, 17 August 2008

Mmmmm Sausage!

(Originally posted by Blest)

While Debs was here, I had the great joy of finally finding hot Italian turkey sausage here in El Paso. (why do so many stores carry sweet but not hot? Wassup with dat?)  We enjoyed grilled sausage with sauteed veggies, and sausage with whole wheat pasta and mozzarella and leftover sausage mixed in with beans and rotels….mmmm mmm mmm. 

But yesterday I had a web-wish granted that I had to tell you about.  You see, I am rather under the weather at the moment. The worst upper respiratory crud I’ve had in at least two years, actually.  And yesterday I had NO voice, a fever, and was feeling rather pitiful as I sat on the couch and played Scrabble with strangers of Facebook. I started clicking around and as I went to visit Kalyn’s Kitchen, I thought (no kidding, this really happened) I could really go for some sort of sausage soup and PING - There it was!  

Now. I am greatly looking forward to making this more closely to the recipe. But let me tell you what we did to make it faster and easier since we were hungry and sub-par. (Danny is also ill, though not as sick as I am, AND ran over 20 miles yesterday) We did the sausages on the Foreman grill, lots faster - but then of course we don’t get to deglaze the pan.  I used 1 can Muir Glen Fire Roasted Tomatoes and 1 large can generic diced tomatoes.  I left out the lentils, cause I didn’t want to wait on them to cook.  And for seasoning, I used a couple teaspoons of Italian Seasoning and some pepper - cause I don’t think I have fennel.  I used 1.5 cans of broth, since I didn’t think I would need quite as much broth without cooking the lentils.  I have a diminished sense of taste at the moment - but what we ended up with was yummy and hit the spot for both of us.  But still - I do plan to make it “the right way” sometime soon!

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