Sunday, 17 August 2008

Intro the Green Smoothie

(Originally posted by Leann)

I am hooked on these things…  I promise they taste sweet and yummy and even my kids are drinking them with absolutely NO complaints.  They actually come running when they hear the blender starting.  Instead of posting a ton of recipes I will just send you to the original posts on my foodie blog and you can copy what you like or try what you like.  They are full of nutrients and NO sugar (other than the natural fruit kind God intended).

Each Peach Pear Plum

Banana/Chocolate Heaven …Not a green one but a favorite in our house.  You can substitute almond or soynut or any other favorite “butter” in this in place of the peanut butter.

AppleSaucePeach - it really tastes like applesauce with a peach twist

Banana/Strawberry Delight 

The book… Green for Life that got me started on this routine.

The basics…

*   I start with bananas and greens as my base.  The banana gives it the smooth texture.  Avocado can be used for smoothness, too (but don’t use the skin with either bananas or avocados in it).
*   The greens I use are not the bitter kind.  I use romaine, kale, spinach, green and red leaf, endive, etc…  The book I recommended talks about even more kinds you can use.

*   I add the whole fruit sans seeds.  The skins are a huge source of nutrition and fiber.

*   This is a complete breakfast or snack and the greens contain proteins in plant form that are enhanced and strengthened by the fruit and it is easily and readily digested because it has been broken down for you and your stomach does not have to pick it all out for you.

*   The sky is the limit!!!

My favorite this week that I have not posted yet…

2 bananas

2 large hands full of spinach

1 peach

1 pear

1 apple

1 cup deep purple grapes

10 ice cubes

OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!  This one is officially the favorite so far.  The grapes throw it over the top.

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