Sunday, 17 August 2008

My favourite packed lunch

(Originally posted by Elly)

Ok haven’t been participating in this challenge so far but thought I would try this time. I have packed lunch several times a week and it rarely varies that much. this is what I do.

Wash lettuce and tear into small peices. I try different sorts, somtimes a little young spinach if we have any

Add chopped into small pieces any combiunation of the following: one or two radishes, some red or yellow pepper (bell pepper) or whatever colour is in the fridge, a few baby tomatoes or a large one chopped, celery, cucumber, salad onion (scallion?), beetrot occasionally.

For protein I add a slice of ham chopped or some turkey (we buy quick cook steaks rather than ready cooked and some form of low fat cheese (feta or cheddar or Edam) cubed.
Then add a few sponfuls of french type dressing (mine has rather more vinegar than olive oil, mustard, salt pepper and mustard (dijon or multigrain) and pinch of sugar substitute. Occasionally i throw in a few pumpkin or sunflower seeds or a few beans or chick peas.
And that is what I make almost every time. It varies a little according to what is in the fridge but it amazes me how satisfying I find it. i follow up with a piece of fruit and I am full. It takes a little longer than making a sandwich but not much as I just fit it in round making breakfast (often porridge) and I just love it and I don’t miss the bread.

I put it in a clip top container which is leakproof and pack it in a small cooler bag with an ice pack. I usually add a small snack for midafternoon, often houmus and veg sticks or a baby bel cheese and an apple. That gets me past that end of school time (4 pm) when I do my planning for the next day and saves me from the biscuits or other goodies that might be lurking in the staff room.

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